Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to blogging

The title pretty much explains this entry. How it came to this was the result of my nostalgia kicking in and rereading my old lj blog with a few good laughs. I also managed to track down my friends' old blogs and believe me when I say that high school drama is always overrated.


Anyway, I will try to keep up my blogging life because I do like to look at it after a few years and maybe have another laugh or two. I also wanted some of my friends to continue theirs since I'm running out of blogs to keep my tabs on. And this would also serve as a good place to vent out.... stuff to say the least  (syempre may ganon, haha!)

I will be posting almost on anything under the sun. From my work life to my Kpop addiction to my memories that is still buried in the external drive of my mind.

Last but not the least, drum roll please! I REALLY think that my typing skills have been buried six feet under the granite. It's not as smooth as it used to be. Of course I don't want that happening and that must be pulled up and resurrected.


Even my English skills are getting a bit on the rusty side. I used to pride myself that I can talk to someone in straight English but that is or was in the past.

So much for my first post. I should have my next post in a day or so.