Sunday, September 25, 2011

I drink to that!

I love drinking most especially when I commute. I think it takes out the boredom while trying to to wait to get to your destination. And it also keeps me full so I don't need actually feel the need to eat afterwards as well. What

Anyway, I wrote this post for my beloved coffee drink ever since I discovered it during my high school years. (nyaha, no actually I posted this one for update purposes. char.). Dum dum da dum and that would be no other than Starbucks itself! If my memory serves me right, I've been drinking starbs since my first year in high school. So it's actually no wonder why I'm vertically challenged. :< No worries though, I have long accepted that fact when the barista first handed me my cuppa coffee. /drama Come to think of it, I think the price for a venti frappuccino was only about 120 pesos during my addiction high school years. That was why I could still afford buying those cups with green straws those days, it wasn't that pricey compared to now. Although you can't put the blame on the coffee. Hello world market, how are you today?

I still do drink Starbs nowadays only not that much frequently. I mean, I'm on a pretty strict budget and diet so I can only drink on special occasions. Haha, speaking of drinks, me and some of my officemates went out drinking last Friday. Situ and I were busy singing lines from Rihanna's song which was 'Cheers' that gave birth to the idea that we should go and drink the Friday night away!  It was actually fun gossiping chatting the night away with cold booze on our hands :) I've stopped drinking (the alcoholic kind) since college so my tolerance for any alcohol beverage is quite low. So I'm not sure if drinking two horses and one san mig without getting any amats would mean congratulations for me or what.

i <3 my windows 7

Cheers to your weekend! <3

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Codes Ignoramus

HTML, CSS, Java still sound so foreign to me up to now. I might have a better shot at understanding Japanese, Korean or even Chinese than those codes combined.

sorry, tulo uhog ko dito 

I'm not sure but I know there's a lot more than what I just listed up there. And it sucks to admit that even after i-dunno-how-many-years of blogging, I'm still a noob at these kind of things. It's like being stuck at level one with limitless revivals. However, I'd like my blog to reflect my personality in terms of its visual aspect. In order to do that, I need to learn the basic stuff so that I won't just be using an ordinary existing pre-made template. I've only had three online journals before this one. The two are from livejournal and the other one in some unknown blog that I've completely forgotten. This was my first journal in LJ and was updated from time to time during my high school and college years. My second one was also in LJ but had a fewer updates since I created that one during my senior year in college.

As for this one, I just hope I have the discipline to update it and the creativity to break it from its normalcy. There are websites (I just searched in Google, nyaha!) that have simple and hopefully easy tutorials that could help me in this blogging dilemma of mine. I cannot, once again, let myself be pawned by my friends' blogs. Atleast, I want this blog to be on par with theirs. Chos. 

On another note, I have colds. I must've been bitten by the cold bug yesterday. Bwiset

Friday, September 9, 2011

Addictus Magnus



nakaka addict, promise. kids, you have been warned 

Or hey, maybe this is just my flavor of the month kinda game. A phase I could certainly outgrew once something new catches my attention and leave this game in a snap. See when Facebook was slowly gaining attention, it was making the Friendster  users switch from their old one to the social network that Mark Zuckerberg made famous. Now FB's most popular game at that time was the Pet Society and even I was not spared from playing endless hours on it just to make my purple pet a freaking social climber to get richer and have a higher social status.

ito ang pasimuno. thanks mark zuckerberg for fb

I got hooked on the first few months before completely abandoning my pet in pursuit of a new game which was akin to Harvest Moon. Going from one house to another can be actually tiring. The only thing that kept me hooked on this app was the gorjas food and clothes. And hey, Pet Society did boost great graphics. You only needed a fast net connection to properly enjoy the game. Not to mention a WHOLE ton of friends so that you have many houses to visit and pets to be cleaned. Now my sister's the only one diligently playing it almost everyday. Almost.
This pawns Farmville every single play

Now I played this game longer than my Pet Society account and I still do check it from time to time. I think I was the first few one in my circle to play this app since most of them were already sucked in by the forces of Farmville. I did try Farmville myself at first but the graphics simply did not get my attention. Nor the tasks and crops and so on and so forth. Anyway, I totally fell in love with the graphics and interface of Country Story. I did every single task as fast as I could, I tried converting other friends to play this game instead as well. I was also able to get all those magical trees (at the beginning anyway before I lost interest) and the special animals that could only be attained after completing a task.

Again, my sister's the only one diligently playing it almost everyday. Almost.

This post just got strayed from its original topic. I meant to blog only about Cafe World but couldn't resist throwing in the other apps that I played before as well.  Oh well, you gotta know the roots anyway. That reminds me, I gotta go back to my Cafe and serve those dishes~

das my kapihan right there

Friday, September 2, 2011


That was the excuse that my team mate, Hazen, told the VS guys over at their US headquarters. I know that it takes two weeks for all the sales rep to schedule their VS appointments with us but hey, this is my health on the line. There's no second thinking in what I should prioritize. And I also pretty much want to thank myself for going to the office (albeit the commuting hardships) to call in sick. Pat on the back girl!

Yes, ganon ako kadedicated mag-call in sa trabaho~

Now all this cramps and loose bowel movement started just this Wednesday. It was my sib's birthday and being the generous and kindly ate, I offered to buy the cake so long as they left me the chinese takeout to eat for my dinner. I was an hour or so late since I wanted to finish all the emails and ads for that day so by the time I got home, I was both tired and hungry but the tiredness prevailed over hunger which resulted in me just taking a few bites of the birthday noodles along with the leftover soup. Immediately after that, I went straight upstairs and right smack into the comforts of my bed which I'd been longing to lie down the whole day.

As much as I'd like to say that it was a long and peaceful slumber, I woke up at around three or four in the early morning just to hurl every bit of food I just ate hours ago. It was really disgusting and messy, and you can throw in the fact that I was still disoriented from being rudely awaken from my precious slumberland. There was really no point in going back to sleep as my tummy began to feel slightly uncomfortable. I did my usual morning routine and by the time I reached office, I felt like dying and wanting another stomach to replace mine. The second and third day, I had a huge bonding time with our toilet. Anyway, to cut the boring story short, I was in this state for three days before finally hauling my lazy ass to the nearest hospital to have myself examined.

May toilet ba dito?

So as of now, I am deprived of eating all the foods and drinks I usually take. It's not my place to complain since the fault for not taking better care of my body is entirely mine.

Bwiset ka acute gastroenteritis, para tuloy akong naka-diet ngayon. Hmph