Friday, September 2, 2011


That was the excuse that my team mate, Hazen, told the VS guys over at their US headquarters. I know that it takes two weeks for all the sales rep to schedule their VS appointments with us but hey, this is my health on the line. There's no second thinking in what I should prioritize. And I also pretty much want to thank myself for going to the office (albeit the commuting hardships) to call in sick. Pat on the back girl!

Yes, ganon ako kadedicated mag-call in sa trabaho~

Now all this cramps and loose bowel movement started just this Wednesday. It was my sib's birthday and being the generous and kindly ate, I offered to buy the cake so long as they left me the chinese takeout to eat for my dinner. I was an hour or so late since I wanted to finish all the emails and ads for that day so by the time I got home, I was both tired and hungry but the tiredness prevailed over hunger which resulted in me just taking a few bites of the birthday noodles along with the leftover soup. Immediately after that, I went straight upstairs and right smack into the comforts of my bed which I'd been longing to lie down the whole day.

As much as I'd like to say that it was a long and peaceful slumber, I woke up at around three or four in the early morning just to hurl every bit of food I just ate hours ago. It was really disgusting and messy, and you can throw in the fact that I was still disoriented from being rudely awaken from my precious slumberland. There was really no point in going back to sleep as my tummy began to feel slightly uncomfortable. I did my usual morning routine and by the time I reached office, I felt like dying and wanting another stomach to replace mine. The second and third day, I had a huge bonding time with our toilet. Anyway, to cut the boring story short, I was in this state for three days before finally hauling my lazy ass to the nearest hospital to have myself examined.

May toilet ba dito?

So as of now, I am deprived of eating all the foods and drinks I usually take. It's not my place to complain since the fault for not taking better care of my body is entirely mine.

Bwiset ka acute gastroenteritis, para tuloy akong naka-diet ngayon. Hmph


  1. Damn it! You'll get thinner and thinner!!!! When you're all healed up, EAT TONS OF FOOD! Bumawi ka!

    What was the doctor's diagnosis?

  2. nyaha, para nga akong naka-diet :)) payat mo na din kaya!!!

    sabi ng doc, acute gastro enteritis!