Thursday, February 23, 2012


First was the unveiling of their album's cover

Going crazy bananas when I saw this followed by the track list
and their actual comeback! :D My boys have been through a lot last year and omg
they friggin overcame it like kamehameha!

Then of course, the agency soon unveiled each member's photo one by one

This is in no chronological order man forgot whose photo came
out first lah short term memory be blamed for this 'kay moving on.
omg omg what is keyboard smash asdghjklassdfhajksf rabid fangirl mode on
Taeyang is forever perfection whatever album they release and wicked shave
he has on his forever mohawk style too!

Maknae has been working out too!
Although I'm not actually digging his hairstyle?
But Panda eyes seem to be working it! :X

Holy Bejeezuz I rly thought it was GD at first in full macho man mode
and then asdhjkasfd dafuq man blond suits you Daesung!!! XD
And here I began to notice that his hair style and Sengri's are kinda similar to
GD's past hair styles as well? Whatchu think lah :X

I srsly like it. Although he's still not showing any skin, his shot
still makes the fangirls squeal and fangirl even more lol. o/
(Sexy jawline is plus plus points too kthxbai)

Tabi be so sexy and macho and sexy and macho and perfect and sexy
and where are words when you need them?

GD looks like Jang Geun Seuk, doesn't he?!?!
meh or it could just be my eyes and brain thinking about that.
Hair style suits him (question be when it didn't aighht )


Le spazzing more 'til they have their comeback on tv shows. :D

cr: All photos in this post is not mine. All were taken from their FB page here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Not much really~

I believe that less is more. When the mood (and the time as well) strikes me, these are all the muck that I like to put on my face. Not much really, but my face has a time limit when I put on heavier things like eyeshadow, foundation, etc blah blah blah. I don't even have powder included here 'cos I don't like putting on it and it really doesn't make me look refreshed at all so why bother aight? :D

I looove BB creams ever since it invaded our country's shelves! It acts as a concealer for me and evens out the tone of my face! Hitting two things with one cream is perfect for a lazy bum like me nyaha. I wear glasses as well so I just err put on mascara (falsies still scare me) and eyeliner to make my eyes more noticeable trolololol. :D

There you have it, those are my regularly used muck ups!

Ladies, never underestimate the power of natural muck ups!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Leggo HK

Up to this day, I still find it amusing that going to HK is much shorter ride than going to Baguio. Trolololol I know, there's a HUGE difference but it still cracks me up 'cos it takes longer to go to the mountains than another neighbor country :D


I love HK 'cos its really easy peasy (minus the language barrier & moolah of course) and there are also many tourist destinations and shopping places you can go to while you're there. Actually, after looking at all the shots I put in this post, I realized I didn't include any shots of the most popular places you should be visit when you go HK. DX What is extreme fail lah. I'll give justice to HK in another post! Btw, this post is also connected to my previous entry so I apologize in advance for my lame fugly pictures. So you can't see much of HK in the photos below (no thanks to my one megapixel cam) but hopefully a glimpse here and there might give you an idea of what it's like to be there! :D

cr: some awesome pictures are taken by the greato Jaime Tan See.
All shots have been edited using the Pixlr-O-Matic.

Touchdown Chinatown! Even from the airport, the temperature is cold!
What more when I go outside lah? :S
Their airport is as spacious as idk how many football fields! They also haz
Ben & Jerry's here so plus plus points! :D

I love BK burgers more than McDees promise! Onion rings are forever omnomz too!
Plus you can also use your Octopus card to buy here! Ohai, I wish the PH would
have something similar to those cards. #foreverdreaming

Fresh meat straight from the PH! HK airport also has clean restrooms
complete with all the amenities like tissue!^^ Very spacious too!

Go and read more after the jump if you're still not bored tee hee.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Remembering Macau

cr: not all photos belong to me. The excellent ones are taken by the great Jaime Tan See~
Warning: terribly long ass photo post, you've been gravely warned!

I was lucky enough to go to three places out of the country last year. The experience is always new and surprising (okay yummy too lah) and I guess it was kinda bad that I didn't bring any dslr or digicam to get good pictures. And I knew that someone in our group (Hello Tito Jaime would be bringing his badass dlsr so lazy me didn't push through with bringing mine!)

Yah I only used my very, very handy 1MP camera phone desu 

Macau is one of the places we visited and here are some pictures blah blah blah because no pictures equals to lame post lol~ My only fault here is that I was not warned enough about the cold weather and I only bought a thin jacket wtf. That should be in another travel post but I just wanna insert that it was cold there and I should bring a thicker jacket regardless if it's summer time. Anyway, it's a really nice place with equally gorgeous hotels and casinos although I don't personally recommend staying over there since there's not much for sight seeing. The food was mad good BUT I am partially biased when it's Chinese or Japanese food so don't take my word srsly. We toured the whole area for one whole day and coincidentally, we were on that erm idk if you guys call it a small ship? but yeah we were on our way to macau when that terrible earthquake hit Japan. T^T Some of my good friends alerted me of the bad news and that the tsunami might trigger another one in other countries. So imagine my fuckin fear as I go over countless scenarios BECAUSE we were traveling via WATER and a TSUNAMI was just near the waters we were sailing asdghjkalsd not to mention the WAVES were really high. 

No point in remembering the fright lah so leggo move on to the pictures!

Survived the paranoid sea trip! Touchdown Macau!
From L-R: Tito Alvin, Tito Cesar, Tita Cristy, Father, Me

The free bus ride straight from the Port. City of Dreams!

Father and Me aboard the bus. Ignore the round face if you will

Hello Venetian! I felt as if I stepped into Italy instead! No kidding!

This is the entrance of The Venetian. Next photos will blow your minds (Kaja Mr. Simple!)

The driveway already had paintings on the ceilings so I felt as if I were viewing the Sistine Chapel
paintings that I've seen on Google! Crazy crazy brilliant!!!

The entrance of the hotel! My brain almost had an aethestic meltdown/overload. 
 I was walking with my head up high staring at the paintings. Good thing I didn't bump into anybody though. From what I know, the ceilings weren't really painted by hand but instead it had a digital erm makeup(?) overhaul so that it can be as similar to the Sistine chapel in Europe. You can see the effort there so blah blah I don't give no poo even if it's a replica. Great place, great vibes! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run Devil Run

You better run, run, run, run, run.......

For the most part of the day (I woke up late round the afternoon) this song has been playing so much in my head that I even watched a couple of videos on YT just to satisfy my music urges. DX Anyway, for those (yes you non-kpop listeners lah) who aren't familiar with the song, it's one of the hit songs popularized by SNSD (they also go by the name Girls Generation/So Nyu Shi Dae/Shoujo Jidai). They're being managed by SM Ent. which is also handling my love-for-all-enternity boy group, Super Junior! I do consider them to be one of my girl group bias 'cos they really know how to sing and dance pop songs and turn it into one raging hit worldwide.

Can you spot my Tiffany, Sunny, Taeyeon unnirs? 

I'm straight, don't get me wrong for having a girl!crush on some of them! Haha, I admire them for their lovely personality and 'kay fine their bodies are a girl's dream. I've seen a glimpse of their diet and workout and kudos to them for keeping up with that! I might pass out on the third day doing that lmao. So yeah going back, I suppose I just need to play this over and over before I move on to my new LSS.

Cheers to a good week that's ahead for us! The love month is just around the corner! o/

cr: video taken from SMEnt YT Page

Monday, January 30, 2012

Djokovic for Australian Open 2012

The Australian Open has just ended with my Serbian player emerging the winner and has again defended his spot as the No.1 tennis player in the world!

//cue: happy dance 

(Photo credit: NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images) 
I just felt the need to blog about this because it's certainly one of his greatest achievements yet again. It was a great and long fight (hello talk about swinging a racket back and forth for like six hours) with also one of THE best tennis players in the world that goes by the name Rafael Nadal. Their match (according to some websites) is the longest ever in the history of tennis and it was just full of intensity, power and oh idk you could practically see their determination to win coming out of their pores.

Anywy, congratulations to you, Novak Djokovic, for both winning and retaining your spot as the No.1 in the tennis world. I'll be cheering (more like waving an online banner) for you at the Roland Garros once it kick starts this May!

Sunday, January 29, 2012



Moving on, most or rather all of my friends know how big of a book nerd that I am. I hoard books much like how shopaholics go crazy during mall sales. I mean, I have been thinking of asking my dad if our room (I share it with my sister) can accommodate some book shelves so that I can put some of my preciousss books there. But then since we're all lazeh house people (and no no to dust bunnies eating my books) that idea never surfaced and brought to life lmao

lazy people for the win lmao no jk kthxbai

So what's the actual point of my book blabbering post? Most of the books that I've been collecting are series and it is a bit hard to keep tabs on the ones that I've managed to complete. I've already managed to buy some books twice (fail, I know) and I felt so bad because I could've used the money to buy a different one or to grab my peborito starbucks drink. So Camille told me about this website where you can check all the books (known to the world obviously) and assort them to the ones you've read, the one/s you are currently reading, and the ones you want to read in the future. What's even more cool about it is that the website can even give you recommendations based on the books you've rated and read. That way, you don't have to go the hassle of finding out good reads since the website patterns it to the categories you're already comfortable with.

Go check out the cool website here and it might just fuel the book bug within you! 

My preference in books ranges from kiddie books to drop dead sexy  Northman novels <3

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A twitter friend of mine stumbled upon this website which I'm hoping could help me improve the structure of my sentences. I think they only give out one word per day and you have to construct a paragraph, a haiku, a poem or whatever it is that will first stumble in your mind. You are only given one minute as a time frame to type out all those rainbows and unicorns. After that sixty second time frame, you are also given a last chance to to edit whatever it is you wrote before you press submit. Now girls and boys, NO CHEATING at this part because I think you should've given all that you can think and type off in the first sixty seconds because that's how the website works. You could just prolly polish some grammar errors here and there but srsly no adding of additional thoughts )8

Go visit the website here: ONEWORD

Now it's back to reality for everyone, happy tuesday! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

SERIES - Once Upon A Time

Everything you've ever read about Fairytales is true. The residents of Storybrooke are living proof...

This is my latest tv series addiction which is currently on going in the ABC Channel. As I am writing this post, they are just about to show episode 10 in the US of A so I have to wait for some time (more like a week) before it airs in our country! I am a huge fan of the fairy tales and this is an excellent depiction of some of the well known tales that we loved since our childhood days.

Okay, here are the important characters that you should watch out from the series! I promise not to go overboard with picture posting lest I spoil some scenes so you just have to watch it!

Here are the main characters from Storybrooke. The plot of this story (to put in simpler terms) is that the Evil Queen put a temporary memory spell all over the Fairytale realm and sent them to the AU setting in the modern time (Storybrooke). Side note, the series has this amazing transition from one realm to another. Smooth and not at all confusing. I also love the fact that they name places or things in the most unexpected way that makes you think 'wtf pun intended much?' The daughter of Snow White apparently is the one destined to break them free from the curse and revert things back to normal. Of course, it's not as easy as I make it sound lmao.

Emma Swan
Emma here is the main character (also the protagonist) of the series. Real spunky, that gal. She's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and yes, she's the one who's suppose to be the curse breaker. It was kind of weird seeing her and then her parents all at the same age bracket (sounds like the movie "In Time"). Also, if you get the gist of her family history later on you can see how semi-dafuq it is. One of the twisted bananas here is that her biological son is adopted by the Mayor who I shall introduce next~

Evil Queen/Mayor/Regina

I loved her right from the first episode. All my friends who are also watching this series only like her because she does her job as the main antagonist excellently. I think so too but she is obviously more than that! She can kick ass (in the Fairytale realm) and does her Mayor duties to a T. Not only that but fml she is downright sexy in both worlds (couture goth gowns and corporate outfits) and there is seriously something dark and commanding in her aura that she gives off whenever you are in her presence. She is the bad person here but you have to give her credit for being so persistent and determined to accomplish what she really wanted. I don't care if she seems plastic whenever she does something good. SHE IS THE VILLAIN DUH.

Snow White/Mary Margaret
I love her in the Fairytale realm! She is real spunky and very far from the demure princess that we are accustomed to watching (Sorry Disney!). She is also an adventurer and can fight her own battles that gives you the idea that she can stand up for herself. But, in the Storybrooke setting, she is both quiet and sensitive to others and can give good advices too. It is a bit sad that she and Prince Charming are separated in the modern time but hopefully they can also get back together just like in the other realm. Watch out how they incorporated the birds into the Storybrooke realm (kinda ticked us who she was actually).

Btw, mad love with her hairdo in the modern time! Pawns the other look any time of the day or mebbe because the Fairytale look is meant to give off that uhmm 80s do?

Prince Charming/John Doe
Who does not know Prince Charming? I guess you could say that he is the embodiment of all the Prince Charmings' we have read in the fairy tales we know. There's a MAD GOOD twist on how he became Prince Charming and that's something I won't spoil for you!^^ The one thing that I do love about him is that he will always find her, no matter where she is :') In the Storybrooke setting, there are still some complications in the way that prevents him from being with Mary Margarette and there is this scene in one of the later episodes where I wanted to smash his head into oblivion but then he will die and byebye happy ending so no chance of doing that to him. Pfft.

He is beginning to grow on me and I think his name in the Fairytale realm is James! (pun pun pun!!!XD)

One of the most mysterious, complex and interesting characters in both realms. In the Fairytale realm, he is the only person that can match the Evil Queen in terms of magic and darkness. He is also the only one who knows their origins besides the Evil Queen. There's this malevolent aura surrounding him and I still don't understand the fascination that he has for firstborn babies (really, someone enlighten me please). His background also gave me a surprise and somewhat a theory on that firstborn babies fascination. On the other hand, in the Storybrooke realm, he's this cunning, shady rich man everyone is silently afraid of. He appears to be the owner of the town and knows each one lives in it (small town, I assume). As far as the episodes go, his character seems to stand neutral in between the good and the bad. It's still a mystery on what his true motivations are.

There you have it! I purposely didn't include all of the characters to avoid rotten spoil!
Like Emma's kid or that hot stuff Sheriff! Gotta find it out yourselves! The 10th episode awaits!
See you all in Storybrooke!!! 

cr: All pictures are not mine. They are all taken from their FB pag which you can view here! :)


One of my twitter friends posted this video of a live action video from one of my most LOVED animes way back in grade school (not that old rly). It was funny and amusing at the same time that I remembered all the posters, stationaries and laminated cards I used to buy for keepsake. This is actually not my first time seeing a live action of an anime series but definitely the first of my LOVED ones! 

Other anime series that I love prz do a good parody or somethin close 

Anyway, have fun watching! Its good to bring back nostalgic anime memories! o/

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello! Yet another post from me again ajujuju!^^ Actually this is an overdue post since I was planning to blog it last year but uhm.. well it was the holidays so things (myself included) were really rushed and busy that blogging was pushed at the back of my mind. Like at the very, very back part of my mind.

I think lumabas na nga sa back door  

Anyway, My college friends were suppose to go to Makati and see the INK's exhibit (Ayala Museum, guys) because the illustrations of Mikel (artist extraordinaire friend) were up on display. Since it has been a long time since I saw anyone of them, I decided to stay longer in the area so that we could chitchat for a bit before I head home.

But fml those awesome boys and girls forced wanted me to join them for dinner as well. And they knew my rock hard refusal was easily rebutted by "Libre namin ang pagkain mo okay!"

Wtf why do I automatically agree to these kind of deals huh?!?! 

We went out to eat at Little Tokyo. A street in Pasong Tamo, Makati full of Japanese restaurants!

Pepot and Lulu! Mad cut on him!

Blurry photo T^T trying to remedy by adding filter! Makujepu, my naru-bleach comrade! Haha, Pepot here is trying to call the others because we thought that they got to the place first. Turns out that they were waiting at the other entrance for us! Ajujuju

Obligatory GPOY and college friends! There's another one down at the end 'cos the two boys were late AGAIN! :P

There's my mama sexter there (right) with Bochic eating Kakigori omnomz! Delish dessert you gotta try when you visit there okay? (Available in the Hana restaurant!^^)

Here we have the soon to be Papa Exe and Mama Claire!

Pepot doing the V-sign twice! o/

Exe's mad hot enma ramen at lvl 5! Waitress said that the spicy level of this dish is up to lvl  20! Like seriously, all I could see was RED!!!


Here we have the okonomiyaki from Kagura! (Dunno what type tho, Mama Claire's order!)

Another good thing about Little Tokyo is that you can cross order from  the other restaurants to fulfill your Japanese  eating extravaganza! Winner!

He also ate the Enma ramen at lvl 3. It was already spicy for me! How Exe managed to eat his lvl 5,  Buddha only knows~  And yes Pepot, you doin just fine with the chopsticks!

There you go! Now this is the grupo picture of the night tyvm!

Hello Laya and Zar! Blurry pic ajujuju camera skills back to lvl 1

And here I end my lovely photo post of  my Little Tokyo venture with my friends!^^ Keep on eating !!

I think I ended up going home at around nine in the evening even though I said that I'd be back home at around five to my dad. OTL But it was sooo worth it because nothing can ever beat good convo, good food, good ambience and awesome friends in one sitting! :)

To know more about Little Tokyo, you guys can just visit their FB Page for more information!