Monday, February 6, 2012

Remembering Macau

cr: not all photos belong to me. The excellent ones are taken by the great Jaime Tan See~
Warning: terribly long ass photo post, you've been gravely warned!

I was lucky enough to go to three places out of the country last year. The experience is always new and surprising (okay yummy too lah) and I guess it was kinda bad that I didn't bring any dslr or digicam to get good pictures. And I knew that someone in our group (Hello Tito Jaime would be bringing his badass dlsr so lazy me didn't push through with bringing mine!)

Yah I only used my very, very handy 1MP camera phone desu 

Macau is one of the places we visited and here are some pictures blah blah blah because no pictures equals to lame post lol~ My only fault here is that I was not warned enough about the cold weather and I only bought a thin jacket wtf. That should be in another travel post but I just wanna insert that it was cold there and I should bring a thicker jacket regardless if it's summer time. Anyway, it's a really nice place with equally gorgeous hotels and casinos although I don't personally recommend staying over there since there's not much for sight seeing. The food was mad good BUT I am partially biased when it's Chinese or Japanese food so don't take my word srsly. We toured the whole area for one whole day and coincidentally, we were on that erm idk if you guys call it a small ship? but yeah we were on our way to macau when that terrible earthquake hit Japan. T^T Some of my good friends alerted me of the bad news and that the tsunami might trigger another one in other countries. So imagine my fuckin fear as I go over countless scenarios BECAUSE we were traveling via WATER and a TSUNAMI was just near the waters we were sailing asdghjkalsd not to mention the WAVES were really high. 

No point in remembering the fright lah so leggo move on to the pictures!

Survived the paranoid sea trip! Touchdown Macau!
From L-R: Tito Alvin, Tito Cesar, Tita Cristy, Father, Me

The free bus ride straight from the Port. City of Dreams!

Father and Me aboard the bus. Ignore the round face if you will

Hello Venetian! I felt as if I stepped into Italy instead! No kidding!

This is the entrance of The Venetian. Next photos will blow your minds (Kaja Mr. Simple!)

The driveway already had paintings on the ceilings so I felt as if I were viewing the Sistine Chapel
paintings that I've seen on Google! Crazy crazy brilliant!!!

The entrance of the hotel! My brain almost had an aethestic meltdown/overload. 
 I was walking with my head up high staring at the paintings. Good thing I didn't bump into anybody though. From what I know, the ceilings weren't really painted by hand but instead it had a digital erm makeup(?) overhaul so that it can be as similar to the Sistine chapel in Europe. You can see the effort there so blah blah I don't give no poo even if it's a replica. Great place, great vibes! 

You'll also be greeted by this gold thingamajig slash fountain desu. It's really sparkly
and shimmery but 1MP cam failed to get that. /wrist

Real sparkly and shimmery I tell you. Tito Jaime took this one. Tons better than what I took lmao.
Btw, yes I did walk through that hallway with my head tilted up so that I can see all the paintings! :D

Oopsie, I may have filtered this one so it didn't come out all  majestic gold.  I've been hooked ever
since I got this app similar to Instagram and been forever using it on some of the pictures ho ho ho~

Way better picture over here of the loveleh expensive majestic looking hallway.
Spot the father if you will~

I asked Tito Jaime to snap me a hallway shot.

Mandatory group picture courtesy of Tito Jaime! Really, that central gold piece
at the back could probably feed a country (If it were real gold, I mean, don't take me srsly).

Trying to explore the mall using their online erm computerized pad??
I suck at descriptions lah  

Lookit the pretty dome. Too bad none of us thought of taking upclose shots of the paintings.
I mean, I would've done that but sucky shots do no justice meh.

Really gorgeous man made Canal complete with the singing Gondola drivers!
Facade is life like as well. Complete with the rooms having lighting so you'd be imagining
people are actually occupying it! So mind boggly.

Another shot in one of the canal bridges~ Ohai!

A closer shot of us still in the same canal bridge. Already did the flailing arm shot
so here's a mandatory V-shot instead.

Huhu took this fugly shot with my phone even filter app cannot save asdfhjkls.
However, the setting and lighting of the Canal is romantic so you lovey dovey couples
can go here and eat yummy egg tarts mehehehe.

Had to rest legs 'cos we've been walking since forever but a Venetian
guard spotted us so we stood up and looked for a bench instead.
Lazy, lazy, lazy! :D

Apparently, Tito Jaime is buddies with one of the Gondola riders
so we got a free shot with him as well! You see sorcery there?
I appear way TOO short in this shot. :))

Time for lunch! You don't go to Macau and not eat Lechon Macau ohai! (bad pun, eew I'm sorry)
This is crispy fatty cholesterol best taken with soda and sticky fluffy rice! :D
(Btw, Dad ordered duck which also tasted good but macau pork belly ftw.)

So I had four cans of Sprite to wash down the pork.
Lmao no just kidding idk why they placed those sodas beside me. :))
(It's lovely sparkly anyway!)

Yep another camhore shot of your truly! Good thing the post did not break lol.

And another group shot outside the hotel. Weather went down again so I had to wear the jacket again.
Ugh, I should've bought a thicker one along with mittens. D:
And why are the uncles (father included) at the back all wearing black jackets?!?!

Doesn't really look like a hotel, ne?

Barely two days eating Chinese food and I could be as plump as a sacrificial pig. T^T
See that gray absurd excuse for a jacket? I survived anyway. Barely.

Another one of the free bus that takes you from one hotel to another. Kinda similar to the one I posted earlier.
Even got a free key chain after riding that! :D

One of the hotels that we passed by before actually heading out to
the Senado square to see the St. Paul Ruins.

Here we are at the Senado square after walking for like asdhjklasf I can't remember!
Macau was colonized by the Portuguese in the past and was the last European colony in China.
Surreal because it doesn't feel as if you're in China but then you see the Chinese crowd haha.

Told you it was a long ass trek all the way. Now we be at the St. Paul ruins.
See how tiny the people are at the back? I felt as if we almost did a pilgrimage trek actually.

Complimentary me shot complete with a pose that cannot be explained.
Spot if you will the Lisboa hotel that looks like chinese takeouts piled on top of each other~

Yummy desserts you can see along the way to the ruins. Tons of egg tarts and egg rolls too
omg the smell was just so heavenly and sweet you can't just walk past a shop and not buy!
There's a free tasting at all shops too so you can gorge yourselves out until you feel full! :D

Along with those desserts above, they also sell lotsa beef jerkey (free taste again!) as well. Dad forbid
me to buy 'cos he was all 'nah we can buy the same jerkey in Binondo so don't buy lah'. But Tita Cristy
bought for us ANYWAY so we munched on those (one original and the other spicy) as we left Macau for HK.

Perfect photo to end the post! I present you the ruins of St. Paul! Only the facade remains until today
and if you go at the back, you'll see it being supported by some metal posts and chains.

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