Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run Devil Run

You better run, run, run, run, run.......

For the most part of the day (I woke up late round the afternoon) this song has been playing so much in my head that I even watched a couple of videos on YT just to satisfy my music urges. DX Anyway, for those (yes you non-kpop listeners lah) who aren't familiar with the song, it's one of the hit songs popularized by SNSD (they also go by the name Girls Generation/So Nyu Shi Dae/Shoujo Jidai). They're being managed by SM Ent. which is also handling my love-for-all-enternity boy group, Super Junior! I do consider them to be one of my girl group bias 'cos they really know how to sing and dance pop songs and turn it into one raging hit worldwide.

Can you spot my Tiffany, Sunny, Taeyeon unnirs? 

I'm straight, don't get me wrong for having a girl!crush on some of them! Haha, I admire them for their lovely personality and 'kay fine their bodies are a girl's dream. I've seen a glimpse of their diet and workout and kudos to them for keeping up with that! I might pass out on the third day doing that lmao. So yeah going back, I suppose I just need to play this over and over before I move on to my new LSS.

Cheers to a good week that's ahead for us! The love month is just around the corner! o/

cr: video taken from SMEnt YT Page

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