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SERIES - Once Upon A Time

Everything you've ever read about Fairytales is true. The residents of Storybrooke are living proof...

This is my latest tv series addiction which is currently on going in the ABC Channel. As I am writing this post, they are just about to show episode 10 in the US of A so I have to wait for some time (more like a week) before it airs in our country! I am a huge fan of the fairy tales and this is an excellent depiction of some of the well known tales that we loved since our childhood days.

Okay, here are the important characters that you should watch out from the series! I promise not to go overboard with picture posting lest I spoil some scenes so you just have to watch it!

Here are the main characters from Storybrooke. The plot of this story (to put in simpler terms) is that the Evil Queen put a temporary memory spell all over the Fairytale realm and sent them to the AU setting in the modern time (Storybrooke). Side note, the series has this amazing transition from one realm to another. Smooth and not at all confusing. I also love the fact that they name places or things in the most unexpected way that makes you think 'wtf pun intended much?' The daughter of Snow White apparently is the one destined to break them free from the curse and revert things back to normal. Of course, it's not as easy as I make it sound lmao.

Emma Swan
Emma here is the main character (also the protagonist) of the series. Real spunky, that gal. She's the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and yes, she's the one who's suppose to be the curse breaker. It was kind of weird seeing her and then her parents all at the same age bracket (sounds like the movie "In Time"). Also, if you get the gist of her family history later on you can see how semi-dafuq it is. One of the twisted bananas here is that her biological son is adopted by the Mayor who I shall introduce next~

Evil Queen/Mayor/Regina

I loved her right from the first episode. All my friends who are also watching this series only like her because she does her job as the main antagonist excellently. I think so too but she is obviously more than that! She can kick ass (in the Fairytale realm) and does her Mayor duties to a T. Not only that but fml she is downright sexy in both worlds (couture goth gowns and corporate outfits) and there is seriously something dark and commanding in her aura that she gives off whenever you are in her presence. She is the bad person here but you have to give her credit for being so persistent and determined to accomplish what she really wanted. I don't care if she seems plastic whenever she does something good. SHE IS THE VILLAIN DUH.

Snow White/Mary Margaret
I love her in the Fairytale realm! She is real spunky and very far from the demure princess that we are accustomed to watching (Sorry Disney!). She is also an adventurer and can fight her own battles that gives you the idea that she can stand up for herself. But, in the Storybrooke setting, she is both quiet and sensitive to others and can give good advices too. It is a bit sad that she and Prince Charming are separated in the modern time but hopefully they can also get back together just like in the other realm. Watch out how they incorporated the birds into the Storybrooke realm (kinda ticked us who she was actually).

Btw, mad love with her hairdo in the modern time! Pawns the other look any time of the day or mebbe because the Fairytale look is meant to give off that uhmm 80s do?

Prince Charming/John Doe
Who does not know Prince Charming? I guess you could say that he is the embodiment of all the Prince Charmings' we have read in the fairy tales we know. There's a MAD GOOD twist on how he became Prince Charming and that's something I won't spoil for you!^^ The one thing that I do love about him is that he will always find her, no matter where she is :') In the Storybrooke setting, there are still some complications in the way that prevents him from being with Mary Margarette and there is this scene in one of the later episodes where I wanted to smash his head into oblivion but then he will die and byebye happy ending so no chance of doing that to him. Pfft.

He is beginning to grow on me and I think his name in the Fairytale realm is James! (pun pun pun!!!XD)

One of the most mysterious, complex and interesting characters in both realms. In the Fairytale realm, he is the only person that can match the Evil Queen in terms of magic and darkness. He is also the only one who knows their origins besides the Evil Queen. There's this malevolent aura surrounding him and I still don't understand the fascination that he has for firstborn babies (really, someone enlighten me please). His background also gave me a surprise and somewhat a theory on that firstborn babies fascination. On the other hand, in the Storybrooke realm, he's this cunning, shady rich man everyone is silently afraid of. He appears to be the owner of the town and knows each one lives in it (small town, I assume). As far as the episodes go, his character seems to stand neutral in between the good and the bad. It's still a mystery on what his true motivations are.

There you have it! I purposely didn't include all of the characters to avoid rotten spoil!
Like Emma's kid or that hot stuff Sheriff! Gotta find it out yourselves! The 10th episode awaits!
See you all in Storybrooke!!! 

cr: All pictures are not mine. They are all taken from their FB pag which you can view here! :)

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