Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello! Yet another post from me again ajujuju!^^ Actually this is an overdue post since I was planning to blog it last year but uhm.. well it was the holidays so things (myself included) were really rushed and busy that blogging was pushed at the back of my mind. Like at the very, very back part of my mind.

I think lumabas na nga sa back door  

Anyway, My college friends were suppose to go to Makati and see the INK's exhibit (Ayala Museum, guys) because the illustrations of Mikel (artist extraordinaire friend) were up on display. Since it has been a long time since I saw anyone of them, I decided to stay longer in the area so that we could chitchat for a bit before I head home.

But fml those awesome boys and girls forced wanted me to join them for dinner as well. And they knew my rock hard refusal was easily rebutted by "Libre namin ang pagkain mo okay!"

Wtf why do I automatically agree to these kind of deals huh?!?! 

We went out to eat at Little Tokyo. A street in Pasong Tamo, Makati full of Japanese restaurants!

Pepot and Lulu! Mad cut on him!

Blurry photo T^T trying to remedy by adding filter! Makujepu, my naru-bleach comrade! Haha, Pepot here is trying to call the others because we thought that they got to the place first. Turns out that they were waiting at the other entrance for us! Ajujuju

Obligatory GPOY and college friends! There's another one down at the end 'cos the two boys were late AGAIN! :P

There's my mama sexter there (right) with Bochic eating Kakigori omnomz! Delish dessert you gotta try when you visit there okay? (Available in the Hana restaurant!^^)

Here we have the soon to be Papa Exe and Mama Claire!

Pepot doing the V-sign twice! o/

Exe's mad hot enma ramen at lvl 5! Waitress said that the spicy level of this dish is up to lvl  20! Like seriously, all I could see was RED!!!


Here we have the okonomiyaki from Kagura! (Dunno what type tho, Mama Claire's order!)

Another good thing about Little Tokyo is that you can cross order from  the other restaurants to fulfill your Japanese  eating extravaganza! Winner!

He also ate the Enma ramen at lvl 3. It was already spicy for me! How Exe managed to eat his lvl 5,  Buddha only knows~  And yes Pepot, you doin just fine with the chopsticks!

There you go! Now this is the grupo picture of the night tyvm!

Hello Laya and Zar! Blurry pic ajujuju camera skills back to lvl 1

And here I end my lovely photo post of  my Little Tokyo venture with my friends!^^ Keep on eating !!

I think I ended up going home at around nine in the evening even though I said that I'd be back home at around five to my dad. OTL But it was sooo worth it because nothing can ever beat good convo, good food, good ambience and awesome friends in one sitting! :)

To know more about Little Tokyo, you guys can just visit their FB Page for more information!

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