Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's in my bag?

I just stole this post from my good friend Berni simply because I wanted to. Char.

I've always been the backpack kind of girl and even though I'm already working, I still use a backpack to stuff my loots in lieu of a handbag or shoulder bag. The things that you see at the picture down below are my staples ones and I never go out of the house without bringing them. (Unless of course, I'm just going down a few blocks away from my house so there's no actual need to bring a bag.^^;)

lo and behold, everything is in the shade of purple

As you can see, I use that bag for a good part of the week. Then I just switch to my satchel bag whenever I dress up in a preppy way or when I don't bring my homemade lunch. What I do like with using a back pack is that you can just shove everything from your tumbler to your psp to your trusty comfy jacket. Also, it balances out the weight on both shoulders rather than lugging a shoulder bag with all its weight on one side instead. As you can see, I always have that tumbler for drinking purposes. I can't leave it in the office 'cause I'm paranoid like that. I'm not that kikay enough so I only bring cologne and lotion. I need lotion due to the harsh climate that we have in the office that make my hands chilled to the bones. lol.

I have short hair, and only somebody kept me from preventing it to have it shorter, I need not a brush in my bag. However, I have that Velma (from Scooby Doo) hairstyle going on right now so I need a brush to make my hair look as if a tornado hasn't struck upon it. Other things in the bag also includes a mirror, rosary from lola, hanky panky, SJ & Big Bang ballers, umbrella, notebook, my osm sauce samsung champ, and two wallets with one comtaining coins and the other containing the rest ;)

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