Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A twitter friend of mine stumbled upon this website which I'm hoping could help me improve the structure of my sentences. I think they only give out one word per day and you have to construct a paragraph, a haiku, a poem or whatever it is that will first stumble in your mind. You are only given one minute as a time frame to type out all those rainbows and unicorns. After that sixty second time frame, you are also given a last chance to to edit whatever it is you wrote before you press submit. Now girls and boys, NO CHEATING at this part because I think you should've given all that you can think and type off in the first sixty seconds because that's how the website works. You could just prolly polish some grammar errors here and there but srsly no adding of additional thoughts )8

Go visit the website here: ONEWORD

Now it's back to reality for everyone, happy tuesday! 

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