Saturday, December 17, 2011

Team G goes to Donday!

Disclaimer! All pictures posted below solely belong to Mark and Niffy!

It was actually my TL who suggested that we dine at this place for our kris kingle slash pre-birthday combo treat courtesy of my TL and I. We wanted to do buffet as a team and puff me up the majority easily agreed! Ajujuju, they gave in easily when Ma'am G said that she'd shoulder half the bill and hey I thought this could also be my pre-birthday treat to them as well!

Might as well treat them while christmas bonus is still in one piece yes. 

Aight so it was then decided that we eat at Donday* after our shift. Kuya Allan and Hazen FORTUNATELY brought their cars so the team was split in two groups. I got into Hazen's group and we were the one leading the other car since it was Hazen and Ma'am G who knew where the restaurant was. It was a friday night when we went there so our fingers were crossed in hopes of us getting a table quickly (friday night traffic is no joking matter). None of us (I didn't bring my camera for God know why not reason ajujuju) were also able to take an outside shot of the place so...

I think you could blame us for being hungry and getting straight down to eat when we saw the place 'cos well we went through a friday night traffic so yeah lmao no blaming ajujuju 

Anyway, leggo move on to the piccies!

Donday is actually buffet in a sense that it's unli samgyupsal!*

Like srsly, it had just the right amount of fatty goodness! Gastronomical Explosion!!!
The pork slices are so thin that when it's cooked, its almost similar to a fat bacon!!!


Here's the obligatory group shot! (Oops, Mark's missing cos he took this one!)
There you go! So that's Kuya Allan, Mark, Ate Glaira and Hazen! Lol, Idk if that glass of iced tea is suppose to be that ginormous wtf
Not exactly sure what I am doing glaring with Camille here. Hello Mama Claire!
Another wtf shot of myself and Camille~ Yes, I'm still munching from the pic above lol
Then it was actually gift exchanging time!
Now I had a bit of trouble with the gift exchanging thing because I was suppose to also pick one for Claire. The first time we drew lots, I had picked myself and Claire! Now the same thing also happened to Markus (Mark's nickie) since he also had to pick one for Ate Glaira. A second round ensued and just my luck that I had to pick myself and Claire once again OTL

So I had to bully Camille into exchanging one of mine for hers kekeke~ In the end, Claire had Kuya Gelo, I had Claire and Camille got me! (A bit confusing, sorry lah) As you can see from the photo above, I got Claire two sets of baby unisex shoes! Altho yes both shoes do sway more for the boys BUT it rly does look cute irl so fck off >:D

Camille got me a new book and moustache! Will do a separate post for the book yessir!
(Love this photo btw, makes me look slimmer aighhht!)
Last shot to end the night! Mad fun as always!

*Donday can be found at Malingap St., Teacher's Village, QC Philippines desu.
*Samgyupsal is a korean pork belly meat desu.

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