Saturday, October 15, 2011


Calling the attention of /drumroll please..... dum dum da dum!

I do believe you need to update and you can't use the reason that you have med school stuff! Because, unlike me, you FORTUNATELY LUCKY PERSON still have that luxurious privilege of having a sembreak.

And before you get high horsey with me, I too will update. It's just a matter of fixing some of my posties 'cause my brain is messed up like that /harhar

On another note, I did a little digging and managed to get the names of the blogs that our friends used to update. No, this isn't called stalking, I prefer the term 'researching' better. I was busy reading and backtracking  their blogs again for the past three days. I'm just thankful that I was still sane enough not to be caught up in their 'old drama' if you do still remember those stuff that I told you before :D

Yun lang, 'til my next postie

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  1. wow, I suddenly remembered that I still have a blog! hahaha Will try to update frequently...

    It's good to stalk sometimes... It gets you updated on the personality of people... I like the feeling of remembering how they were in HS then having "OH MY GOODNESS!!! CHANGE IS CONSTANT INDEED" moments... hahaha :D