Sunday, September 25, 2011

I drink to that!

I love drinking most especially when I commute. I think it takes out the boredom while trying to to wait to get to your destination. And it also keeps me full so I don't need actually feel the need to eat afterwards as well. What

Anyway, I wrote this post for my beloved coffee drink ever since I discovered it during my high school years. (nyaha, no actually I posted this one for update purposes. char.). Dum dum da dum and that would be no other than Starbucks itself! If my memory serves me right, I've been drinking starbs since my first year in high school. So it's actually no wonder why I'm vertically challenged. :< No worries though, I have long accepted that fact when the barista first handed me my cuppa coffee. /drama Come to think of it, I think the price for a venti frappuccino was only about 120 pesos during my addiction high school years. That was why I could still afford buying those cups with green straws those days, it wasn't that pricey compared to now. Although you can't put the blame on the coffee. Hello world market, how are you today?

I still do drink Starbs nowadays only not that much frequently. I mean, I'm on a pretty strict budget and diet so I can only drink on special occasions. Haha, speaking of drinks, me and some of my officemates went out drinking last Friday. Situ and I were busy singing lines from Rihanna's song which was 'Cheers' that gave birth to the idea that we should go and drink the Friday night away!  It was actually fun gossiping chatting the night away with cold booze on our hands :) I've stopped drinking (the alcoholic kind) since college so my tolerance for any alcohol beverage is quite low. So I'm not sure if drinking two horses and one san mig without getting any amats would mean congratulations for me or what.

i <3 my windows 7

Cheers to your weekend! <3

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  1. Cafe ti amo taste good... I haven't tasted starbucks these past few monthsssss.... haaayyyy