Saturday, September 10, 2011

Codes Ignoramus

HTML, CSS, Java still sound so foreign to me up to now. I might have a better shot at understanding Japanese, Korean or even Chinese than those codes combined.

sorry, tulo uhog ko dito 

I'm not sure but I know there's a lot more than what I just listed up there. And it sucks to admit that even after i-dunno-how-many-years of blogging, I'm still a noob at these kind of things. It's like being stuck at level one with limitless revivals. However, I'd like my blog to reflect my personality in terms of its visual aspect. In order to do that, I need to learn the basic stuff so that I won't just be using an ordinary existing pre-made template. I've only had three online journals before this one. The two are from livejournal and the other one in some unknown blog that I've completely forgotten. This was my first journal in LJ and was updated from time to time during my high school and college years. My second one was also in LJ but had a fewer updates since I created that one during my senior year in college.

As for this one, I just hope I have the discipline to update it and the creativity to break it from its normalcy. There are websites (I just searched in Google, nyaha!) that have simple and hopefully easy tutorials that could help me in this blogging dilemma of mine. I cannot, once again, let myself be pawned by my friends' blogs. Atleast, I want this blog to be on par with theirs. Chos. 

On another note, I have colds. I must've been bitten by the cold bug yesterday. Bwiset

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  1. 10 months na akong web designer, hindi ko pa rin kaya gumawa ng site from scratch. napupurol na utak ko.