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Leggo HK

Up to this day, I still find it amusing that going to HK is much shorter ride than going to Baguio. Trolololol I know, there's a HUGE difference but it still cracks me up 'cos it takes longer to go to the mountains than another neighbor country :D


I love HK 'cos its really easy peasy (minus the language barrier & moolah of course) and there are also many tourist destinations and shopping places you can go to while you're there. Actually, after looking at all the shots I put in this post, I realized I didn't include any shots of the most popular places you should be visit when you go HK. DX What is extreme fail lah. I'll give justice to HK in another post! Btw, this post is also connected to my previous entry so I apologize in advance for my lame fugly pictures. So you can't see much of HK in the photos below (no thanks to my one megapixel cam) but hopefully a glimpse here and there might give you an idea of what it's like to be there! :D

cr: some awesome pictures are taken by the greato Jaime Tan See.
All shots have been edited using the Pixlr-O-Matic.

Touchdown Chinatown! Even from the airport, the temperature is cold!
What more when I go outside lah? :S
Their airport is as spacious as idk how many football fields! They also haz
Ben & Jerry's here so plus plus points! :D

I love BK burgers more than McDees promise! Onion rings are forever omnomz too!
Plus you can also use your Octopus card to buy here! Ohai, I wish the PH would
have something similar to those cards. #foreverdreaming

Fresh meat straight from the PH! HK airport also has clean restrooms
complete with all the amenities like tissue!^^ Very spacious too!

Go and read more after the jump if you're still not bored tee hee.

We rarely use the taxis here 'xcept when we finally admit to ourselves that we
are indeed lost and all the people we ask directions for gives us Chinese instructions
with no subtitles. D: So we use the MTR daily for commuting and that's why we find
the octopus card so dam reliable! Can be also used for 7/11 and other stuff! XD  
One of the shopping places in HK! Had to take a shot 'cos we has a similar
mall with the same name in Cubao! :D I was there 'cos I had to have my
coffee break on the right side of the picture tee hee~

No editing for this shot! Wanted to show you the first meal we ate there!^^
I may have forgotten what those dishes are but the two white bowls are wanton noodle soup!
The one on the right side is the spicy version so that's why the soup is a bit red.

Here we are outside on the streets! Passed by a lovely park with purdy fountains
so we decided to chill and check it out. Father and his friends actually had a mini
camhore time so yes even adults do that too.  -__-'' 

Still outside but on the way to our hotel! I guess one thing that you'll notice on
the streets is the lack of trash.  Gutters are very clean too asdhjklas.
All ppl are so stylish lah! -____- Made me look so inferior gahd.

Hotel lobby! Mad drop in the temperature when it's night time!
I'm actually wearing three layers (at the top) already.
Frozen legs tho no thanks to leggings. T^T 

Group shot outside the hotel! It was windy as you can tell from my hair. XD
Our hotel was the one near the port so it got rly cold during the night and
the early mornings too!

Stolen shot of Father walking down the street~

One of my favorite stores! Kinda similar to Watson's but with more brands
and products.

Hopefully, the Piripins will also have this brand in their malls. 

We always used the MTR there so the Octopus card was mad useful as hell.
People were also disciplined lah let passengers out first before going in o/ 

Must be night time when Tito J took this shot. You can tell
'cos the train is almost nekkid haha. I was still freezin my ass off too ugh.

Taken with my fugly phone nyaha! On our way to eat dindins!


Group shot in the train ahoy!

Tito J (bless his soul) took a shot of the street foods you can munch on while
walking down the street. It is mostly innards of pig and I guess chicken? Anyhoo,
their street food is almost similar to ours and one stick would cost you about 5HKD.

Another street food shot! I did ate the one on the right side. Really good and the
taste is similar to chicharon bulaklak! Shot!

Finally arriving to our destination for dinner! Hot Pot Rice desu ne!
I've only seen this in the AFC Channel so was really essited to eat it for the first time! :D

Thank you English subtitles! The owner spoke few broken English phrases but
no problem lah Tito J is fluent in speaking Chinese! Idk if its Mandarin, Fookien etc
so I'll just leave it to simple Chinese.

Dinner is not complete without a glass of Cola! :D
(I love their mini ice cubes over there! Haha, so shallow asdghjkasld)

Here's a front shot of the hot pot rice. Love the way they're all stacked against each other. 

It's actually outside the restaurant so idk if this is their specialty??!
We ate our dindins outside the restaurant, and the guy just placed several tables
+ chairs viola! eating on the street galore! :D

I think I ordered beef with vegetables but am not so sure though.

My bad, it was pork!XD And it was steaming hot! It could be because of the clay pot
that made the heat stay more (couldn't think of a better way to describe it) but all good lah
'cos it was really cold during the night time me he he he. 8D

They have this sauce you have to mix in your pot to make it even moar yummier.

You gotta wash that meal down with a Tsing Tao. :D

I could or could not have taken this when we first got to the hotel.
Can not remember. Blame short term memory lah.

Lovely cruiser docked at erm the harbour side! :D Really big too, I think
it was about 4 or 5 stories high? Its name was on the side so too bad it's not
shown in the pic. D:

'Course I gotta drink at my favorite coffee place. Golden rule at every new place I visit.

We also ate at KFC for breakfast! I loooved their eggs and muffin!

Ending this super long photo post with a hippie street picture!
This ain't really a substantial travel post BUT I don't curr 'cos them photos
bring me back good memories! :D

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